5 Ways Chatbots Supercharge your Restaurant

Artificial Intelligence tools are playing a significant role in managing customer relationship. Studies reveal that 89% of customers prefer to communicate via text and majority of millennials prefer a chatbot over chatting with a person. 

Here are 5 ways chatbots can supercharge your restaurant

Save Money and Time – Free up your People and the phone

The Chatbot on your restaurant’s website will provide fast, automated answers to most questions. If a potential customer has a question about directions or hours, your chatbot will instantly and automatically answer her. This frees up people from answering phone calls.

The chatbot has a low fixed monthly cost and can handle any number of clients at the same time. You get to your people can focus on other things saving time and money.

Chatbots work 24 hours a day, they don’t take breaks, they don’t get tired and handle multiple customers at the same time.

Customer Satisfaction:

Today’s customers want a prompt response and expect 24/7 availability. How do you satisfy that without hiring staff for 24 hours? Easy, just use a chatbot. Chatbots work 24 hours a day, they don’t take breaks, they don’t get tired and handle multiple customers at the same time.

When your customers get quick answers, you win, the customers win and your restaurant wins.

Attract more customers:

Your chatbot can link to a table-booking site like Opentable or Resy. By making that as one of the first options in the chatbot, a lot more customers end up reserving and coming to your restaurant.

What is more? A majority of Millennial customers are now very keen on having a chatbot-experience when they visit your website. It would be very important to have a chatbot if your restaurant is going to attract these younger customers.

No more Human Errors:

People who attend phone calls can sometimes give out the wrong info by mistake or it might just be too loud. But you can rest-assured that your ever-ready chatbot is going to be accurate all the time.

Friendly all the time:

You don’t care about friendly responses until one of your staff insults a customer. All it can take is some frustration while answering the phone and a slight tone and boom! You lost yourself a customer.

You can be sure that your chatbot will never be in a bad mood. It won’t be distracted or angry. The chatbot is created to be friendly and helpful all the time. Your customers will be put at ease. It will make their experience uniformly pleasant and more satisfying.

A chatbot is a huge asset to your organization that comes at a relatively low cost.  Zomlet is a leading Restaurant chatbot service with advanced natural language processing and AI.  All you need to do is to sign up and we will do the rest for you

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